Naturally Mindful

I suppose some people are naturally mindful. Their awareness is developed and they seem to be able to tune into other levels of consciousness. But most of us need a little practice to increase our mindfulness.

The other day I sat with my granddaughter at the computer while she watched some of her favorite videos like the “Wheels on the Bus” and others. The rule is that we sit for just ten minutes. We prefer she engages in creative activities like painting.

I always watch her reactions to the videos and it is evident that she focuses and that she has a clear understanding of what happens on the videos. About five minutes into the session, I asked her if she wanted to see some of her baby videos. I have archived them all. She said, “Yep!”

I showed her one where she is just about six months old and in the video she is listening to me sing her a song I composed for her when she was born. I wrote it in Spanish only because the emotion was so great at the time that the words flowed out in Spanish.

I had never shown her this video before. She listened attentively and all of a sudden she started singing the song. She had never done that before. She was singing it pretty clearly. I was astonished at her ability to pronounce each word so clearly. English is her primary and first language at home. There are nursery rhymes she’s heard many times but not all of them does she sing or sing as clearly. After all she is only two and a half.

She looked at me shyly as she sang and she smiled with that kind of Mona Lisa smile of hers that tells me she is content. I almost cried.

My interpretation of this precious moment is that she has been mindful all this while. It was also a very meaningful moment for her and for me. I believe she knows that it is her song; it is abuela’s song for her. I am not sure that she knows how much it meant to me to have her sing to me. I was just tickled. I think she will be a natural when it comes to being mindful and I feel so lucky to have been very present and in the moment.

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  1. Miriam says:

    Children are such great teachers aren’t they. They show us what’s important. Beautiful 💖

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