A Mindful Walk

Today I took a mindful walk. I noticed fewer leaves remain on the trees. I heard the neighbors blower going full blast. The wind lifted a bunch of leaves and made them swirl. While other leaves floated gently like parachutes from the sky. I picked up a few acorns and pine cones. I tried to listen to the soft crunch beneath my feet as I walked across the lawn full of yellow and red leaves. took deep breaths and looked up at the blue sky and the sun shining but getting ready to set for the day.

I decided to keep track of the number of steps I take daily trying to be mindfully more active. I was amazed that I had gained about seven thousand steps. This is a good ting I thought. I read somewhere that doing the same amount daily helps keep your weight pretty much the same. Mindful walking can benefit us in many ways. I felt totally relaxed. I also felt energized at the same time. I could honestly say I felt at peace.

When I arrived at the house I sat and traced some of the larger leaves I had collected during my walk. I will post my drawings later.


Walking mindfully can be practiced anywhere. Set a time. If you do not have a step counter you can always count your steps. Watch you feet as you step. Create a pattern in which to step. You know; right foot first then left or 5 steps to your left and 10 steps to your right. Be creative but most of all be mindful as well.

Happy Walking!!

I want to hear from you. Your comments are my inspiration.

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