A Mindful Coffee Break

I think that most people would agree that there is something wonderful about the aroma of fresh coffee. This morning I decided I would pay more attention to my morning ritual of preparing the first cup of morning Joe or Java. I love language so I also looked up synonyms for coffee. Most of them are slang; I never knew that coffee could be “brain juice”. C8H10N4O2 is actually the representation of the coffee molecule. I delved a little more into the secret life of the coffee bean.

I learned so much about the fabulous “energy bean” and the information inspired me to be even more mindful of the process I go through every morning. I went to a local department store and counted at least 15 different kinds and types of coffee makers. It is truly mind-boggling. I remember when my father brought home a coffee pot for me to give my mom one Mother’s Day. It was blue enamel ware and my mother loved it. I actually bought one similar to that one a few years back at an antique shop. It brought back so many memories. But before that my mother would simply boil water, add a few tablespoons of ground Espresso coffee and use a cloth colander as a filter as she poured her dark morning juice over frothed whole milk. I have not tasted coffee like hers ever. Everyone loved her coffee. So I have been very mindful of trying to recreate her cup of early morning brew.

I ground the beans first and the aroma wakes me up a little. I froth the milk. Today I used a French press but I have two electric percolators, three different sized French presses, one Italian Espresso coffee pot and yes a white cone-shaped cloth colander like the one my mom used. It is brand new because I do not want it to get stained and because I know that at some point I will not be able to find another one like it.

I want to get a manual hand grinder. I use an electric one and it is loud. The milk frother is also a little loud but it is worth it because it does such a great job. Both the milk and the coffee have to be almost as hot. I pour the coffee over the frothed milk, add coconut palm sugar, and sprinkle cinnamon.

I try to sip slowly and I look out the bay window in my kitchen as I watch the birds frolic from tree limb to tree limb. The sun shines through that side of the house in the morning and I always find the shadow of something or other.

I watch as my husband dips his toast or crackers in his cup. He always exclaims that the coffee is perfect. I can almost hear my dad’s voice saying the same thing. Its was a very mindful morning coffee time.


Here are some links that might interest those of you who love coffee.

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Happy Coffee Time!!!!



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