Mindful Senses

Sometimes I would like to have a sixth sense. I am not sure what it would perceive or detect. But the more I think about it I believe that maybe becoming more mindful could be like acquiring a sixth sense. I would not want it to be scary like the movie with Bruce Willis. But I would want to be more aware of certain things as they relate to my family. I would want to connect to each of them and sense when they need me.

I have learned to look deeper into my grandchildren’s eyes to let them know how much I love them. I have learned to appreciate them more each day. When I think about or visualize something they have done to make me smile or feel happy I try to relive the experience in my mind. Every time I pass by their pictures on our curio I smile.

We need to learn to connect to each other more at all levels. First of course with family, but with others outside the family.  I do not mean by text or an occasional e-mail: I mean up close and personal. I think it is the best sixth sense we can ever develop.

What would your sixth sense look like? What seep awareness would you want to develop?



I want to hear from you. Your comments are my inspiration.

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