I’m Back With a Challenge

I apologize for my lengthy hiatus from the blog. I hope to continue to blog more faithfully from now on. I am putting my mind to it.

Lately, my mind has been quickly distracted with so much that is going on in the world. I was actually feeling low and helpless at times. I feel I am not doing enough to improve things. Then it hit me: I need to focus on making connections with my fellow bloggers and building a community of mindful people. I thought about creating a few challenges to see how many participants or fellow bloggers join me in building a community of mindful people.

We first need a focal point. I decided that a very practical one can be simply love. It is “what the world needs” most like the song says. To be mindful is to love yourself and to love others. We must start with ourselves first in order to effect change. It will require hard work.

So this is my first challenge. I would like everyone who reads my blog to send three people an email or text and simply write the following: #letsmaketheworldamindfulplace and #bemindfuloflove. Tell the recipients of your emails that they must pass it forward to three people. The next step is to go up to a perfect stranger and just say the word “LOVE” and tell them to pass it on. You may do this in different setting and using props. Print out a flyer with the word “love” and post in the car window. Slip an index card to a post it into your colleagues at work or classmates at school.

I would like you to send me feedback on what were people’s reactions. I truly believe we have to promote this as far as we can and in as many languages as we can. Love never fails. The challenge will begin August 5th at 12 pm.


I want to hear from you. Your comments are my inspiration.

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