Haiku by my mentor

I sent my dear mentor a copy of my book Haiku Moments. I was a little shy to send it when it was first published. He was and is a superb English teacher and I suppose I was reluctant because in many ways I am still a student of poetry. And where I welcomed feedback and criticism I knew he would also be very honest. So I was a bit scared of what he might think. However, I also needed and wanted his advice.

We exchange letters and talk on the phone. He now lives a thousand miles away and I do not get to see him as often. I hope to visit soon. He responded to my letter and uplifted my spirits with a wonderful critique of my poems. He sent me a few poems he wrote inspired by the prompts in my book. I loved them. But then again I love him too. I hope you enjoy the haiku by my mentor.

Here are his poems.

As children climb trees
Let us ascend to the leaves
And then to the sky

Blue birds and blue skies
Assure the trees of winter
That spring will return

These petals do not
identify those who love
Or those who love not


I want to hear from you. Your comments are my inspiration.

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