Clarity and Mindfulness

Mindfulness requires clarity. We all need clarity in order to focus. These days I am trying to stay as  positive as I can. Too many negative news interferes with the streaming of positive thoughts. This may be a result of conflicting reports or confusion about what it true or distorted.

When you want to become more mindful then clarity of thought must be present. Clarity is the best path to a mindful existence.

One way to begin on a clear path is to drop some of the heavy luggage we fill with social media posts, text messages, and other forms of communication. It is a way to detox.

Visualization is a great way to gain clarity. I try to visualize myself swimming down a stream or small fall of clear or crystal like water. Water cleanses the body inside and out. I sit in front of a large pitcher of water and try to think about or focus on the blessings present in my life. I take relaxing breaths. I may even listen to the sounds of a waterfall or the ocean waves and imagine myself there in their midst.  I then focus on one or two things that bring me joy. For example, I may focus on my grand-daughter contagious smile. That is a sure path to make my day and put me in a good mood. Sometimes I may focus on a clear and straight path to a goal for the day or in the long-term. I try to estimate the steps I will need to take to reach a given goal. But do not hesitate to change the number of steps or to restate the goal you set.

Another strategy to achieve clarity and ultimately become more mindful would be to write the things or obstacles you know might get in the way of achieving true clarity and then cross them out or erase each one. As you erase each obstacle you might want to say each one out loud or simply say go away. This may sound a little silly but it works. I also read the list of obstacles and shake my head “no”.

Clearing you thoughts of the negative things you hear and see every day is good practice to develop mindfulness and to be happier. The idea is to know that it is a process of mindsets.


Mindfulness to Me – A Recording

Mindfulness to me means holding yourself captive so that nothing else matters.Here is my poem about mindfulness:

One moment in time

It is a magical moment,

one that you can never live again.

It is a moment well spent with a friend,

it is a time to make of yourself a masterpiece.

So that others take you in as their special moment.

A moment in time

is a deep breath

to cleanse the body

and build a spirit.

One moment in time

may connect you with your soul mate

It is a dance in which missing a step will

stop the music playing.


One moment in time is a time to be

mindful and calm,

still and in tune with nature

and your being.

It will be a “time to be free.”

Hopefully it will be the one moment for Peace and Love.

Please let me know what mindfulness is to you.

Naturally Mindful

I suppose some people are naturally mindful. Their awareness is developed and they seem to be able to tune into other levels of consciousness. But most of us need a little practice to increase our mindfulness.

The other day I sat with my granddaughter at the computer while she watched some of her favorite videos like the “Wheels on the Bus” and others. The rule is that we sit for just ten minutes. We prefer she engages in creative activities like painting.

I always watch her reactions to the videos and it is evident that she focuses and that she has a clear understanding of what happens on the videos. About five minutes into the session, I asked her if she wanted to see some of her baby videos. I have archived them all. She said, “Yep!”

I showed her one where she is just about six months old and in the video she is listening to me sing her a song I composed for her when she was born. I wrote it in Spanish only because the emotion was so great at the time that the words flowed out in Spanish.

I had never shown her this video before. She listened attentively and all of a sudden she started singing the song. She had never done that before. She was singing it pretty clearly. I was astonished at her ability to pronounce each word so clearly. English is her primary and first language at home. There are nursery rhymes she’s heard many times but not all of them does she sing or sing as clearly. After all she is only two and a half.

She looked at me shyly as she sang and she smiled with that kind of Mona Lisa smile of hers that tells me she is content. I almost cried.

My interpretation of this precious moment is that she has been mindful all this while. It was also a very meaningful moment for her and for me. I believe she knows that it is her song; it is abuela’s song for her. I am not sure that she knows how much it meant to me to have her sing to me. I was just tickled. I think she will be a natural when it comes to being mindful and I feel so lucky to have been very present and in the moment.