The Mindfulness of Poetry

This is an excerpt from a poem by Emily Dickinson:


“There is a solitude of space

A solitude of sea

A solitude of death, but these

Society shall be”


Reading poetry helps me relax. Some poetry helps me to focus on things that matter to me. Poetry matters to me because for me poetry is life and life is poetry. I remember reading Dickinson’s poem in high school – “There is a solitude of space” and wondering not only about its meaning but I focused on the concept of solitude. Some people cannot stand the idea of being alone or in solitude. They fear solitude.

I looked up the definition of solitude and the one that struck me was: “absence of human activity”. When we become more mindful we may seek to find a place that is absent of human activity. But is it necessary to be alone to be mindful?

I would love to know what you think.