If you thought not

If you thought not,

everything, everything

and then some

has its wonders.

Although sometimes I wonder

why mosquitoes exist.

I made a list of things that have wonder in my opinion.


Like watching a small plant start to bud,

A community of ants doing their thing,

raindrops sliding down a window,

A weeping willow,


holding hands,

a whisper of sweet nothings,

A robin’s nest,


soft buttery mashed potatoes,

really crispy  french fries,

someone knitting,

whistling a happy tune,

chocolate sprinkles on ice cream,

a bumble bee,

not knowing,


sighs in unison,

freshly cut grass,

a frozen lake,


A cool shower after a long run

the sound of spreading whipped cream on a slice of apple pie

There are so many things.

Be still and mindful and you will see.

What are the things you consider to be wonderous?